TRUE Palm Oil - About Us

Company Values: 

TRUE Palm Oil is sourced, packaged and imported from Nigeria exclusively by True Quality Products Ltd (UK). 

Established in 2019, True Quality Products Ltd has already developed a reputation among consumers of traditional, unrefined palm oil in the UK as an importer of high-quality cooking palm oil.

Our company was founded in response to the strong demand among Nigerians residing in the UK for authentic, traditional cooking palm oil with a distinct taste, reminiscent of that found only in the 'true' home of palm oil - Nigeria. To address this demand, we introduced our palm oil - TRUE Palm Oil, importing the finest quality palm oil directly from Nigeria to the UK market.



To help palm oil consumers rediscover the taste of authentic, traditional palm oil. 



To emerge as the leading supplier in the UK of authentic, unadulterated, traditional palm oil sourced from Nigeria, the true home of palm oil.